Your personal tool for secure web browsing and private internet access.

What is VPNarium and why do you need it?

VPNarium is a private VPN service, which does very important things.

Hides your real IP address for web sites and services

Their owners will never understand this is you. It helps to avoid noisy advertising and keeps your privacy when you want to access any delicate content.

Anonymizes all your internet traffic

This ensures that your internet service providers never knows what you’re doing in the web. They only see that you access some anonymous service.

Does NOT log your web activity

Until your internet service provider has to keep your web history for several years (depending on your country), VPNarium uses servers with RAM only. So we physically cannot log anything. It’s absolutely anonymous.

50+ countries

1000+ servers

Streaming content optimized

No connection logs. No access logs. No logs at all.

If things above are hard to understand, then let us try to explain in simpler words:

What happenswithout VPNariumwith VPNarium
Web site administratorsKnow who you are, what you’re doing and watching in the WEB.Do NOT identify you. You become an anonymous person in the internet.
Your internet service providerTracks all your internet activity. They know what you do, what you watch and when. And they also know you personally since you concluded an agreement for internet access.Doesn’t know anything about you. They only see that you access some anonymized internet resource. All your secrets stay secret.